A few words about the DEVit conference

DEVit is a 360° Web Development Conference (Frontend, Backend, DevOps, Mobile). The idea is that we want to get our attendees out of their comfort zone and cross pollinate all arts and crafts that make today’s World Wide Web possible.

This is the second year for DEVit and we aim to make it, once again, an unforgettable experience! Last year’s DEVit took place next to the sea at the awesome venue of Makedonia Palace Hotel and attracted over 350 people. It was a blast for every speaker, attendee and DEVit volunteer. We had such a great time and highly valuable pieces of knowledge were disseminated towards all directions. You can have a look at last year’s site and awesome photos!

This year’s DEVit is happening on Friday the 20th of May, 2016, in an even bigger venue, Vellidio Conference Hall. Thessaloniki is at its best during May and speakers can enjoy Greece’s sunshine and the deep blue seas during the weekend following the event, they are just an hour away!

Absence of women speakers on 2015 lineup

Last year’s lineup was one of our weakest points and it has been discussed thoroughly during our retrospectives. Diversity was a big issue but we have already turned the page and we are aiming to achieve a 50/50 split on our 2016 lineup.

Regarding expenses

We offer to pay traveling and accommodation expenses for every speaker except if their company wishes to cover any or all of them. In that case we’d gladly add them as sponsors of the DEVit conference.


Since we are a community backed conference a honorarium is something, currently, not affordable for us. However, we hope it will be feasible to offer it from 2017 and onward. What we do cover apart from the accommodation and travel expenses is the dinner on Thursday night (May 19th), transportation from/to the airport and a mini city tour with a local guide (speakers and DEVit staff) that takes place prior to the speakers dinner.

Grab your chance to be part of DEVit by applying to our CFP:

Written on February 21, 2016, by Konstantinos Margaritis