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Anna Doubková
DevOps Serverless AWS

Anna Doubková

React, Node and serverless developer

Anna is a software engineer who works mainly with javascript. She's building applications from front-end to back-end, and does everything from user-oriented development to operations. At the moment working at Hive, she's responsible for delivering features for web, experiential layer of the API, and mobile applications. She works with react, react native, node, serverless, and occasionally elm and elixir.

Anna has practical experience of developing for small and large projects and companies of various shapes and forms. She is passionate about choosing the right tools for the job, is keen on functional programming (simply because it seems useful in all these settings), and likes exploring great new ways of delivering the best product for the users and business alike.

Delivering Serverless Experience

Serverless has been a hot topic for years but not many companies use it to deliver their main applications. In this workshop, you will learn how to set up a serverless project, configure it, and scale it. The practical experience will show you how easy it is to use it and will also point out some common issues you may run into. You'll be able to deploy your infrastructure in minutes and decide if serverless is the right fit for your projects and work environment.

You will need: very basic unix skills, at least general knowledge of yaml, javascript, and web infrastructure. Node in version 6 or higher, git, editor of your choice. AWS account with environment variables set up on your machine.

Serverless AWS