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Benny Weingarten-Gabbay

Senior Software Engineer with 15 years of experience. Currently working at eBay.

iOS real time content modifications using websockets

When developing web apps, one can open FireBug and make changes to texts and images on the spot, immediately seeing the effect. When developing mobile applications, each change requires code modification, recompile and a reinstall. This makes the development cycle of mobile application longer and more tedious.

In this talk I present BetterContent, a tool that allows editing of an iOS mobile app in runtime, in a fun and easy way. I'll talk about:
- Motivation and need for a proper DevTools for iOS and Android application
- Current solutions that exist out there (such as Flipboard FLEX)
- Coding techniques I use on the native side (iOS, cocoapods)
- Websokets and how I implemented them using open source tools and free hosting on Heroku using node.js.