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Constantinos Ziazios

Long time C#/.NET developer with roots in C++. He has developed ASP.NET (WebForms and MVC) web apps for many years. He has recently started developing applications for Android and iPhone and has started to put a focus on mobile application development. Konstantinos has spent many years working as a consultant for many different projects and has deep ties to the agile community. He is also very interested in automated testing using tools like WatiN or Selenium. On any given day he could be programming in C#, Javascript, Objective-C, Java or all of them. (C# is his favorite language though.)

Create an intelligent serverless application in Azure Cloud

The workshop shows how you will create a totally serverless solution on processing binary data, such as pictures. We will learn the basics of a serverless architecture, and how we can benefit from its potential for endless scaling. Also, we will see how can add Microsoft Cognitive Services in order to provide a scalable, intelligent backend.