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Florian Schaffler

Μy name is Florian and I grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. During and after my B.Sc. in Computer Networking, I started doing software development in Cape Town and Munich. In the time following, I did a M.Eng. in Software Engineering next to my job. This had also been when I started my own little company, with which I did e.g. build up the whole IT-infrastructure of a startup that recently got valued at 4.5M Euro. Right now I'm Head of IT for a startup (HiKey Resources / hikey.io), who is developing software for the mining industry. In addition to that, I'm a private lecturer on "Scalable Web-Applications in the Cloud" at a German university for a Master in Software Engineering. If I need to sum up my professional background in three expressions, it would be AWS Enthusiast, Software Lover, Process Coach.

Serverless Web-Application on AWS with Claudia.js

With AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway, we have the possibility to create serverless web-applications that can scale to whatever size we need. By going serverless, we take away all the management tasks that are involved in keeping a web-application up and running. During this workshop we'll build a Node.js web-application based on Claudia.js, which will run without a server. As the most interesting part is concerning the backend, we'll only have a very small and simple client.