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Gianluca Casati
React AWS PWA Serverless

Gianluca Casati

Fullstack Developer

Italian mathematician working as a Fullstack developer. ❤ coding and open source. Plays guitar and percussions.

Serverless React PWA on AWS

How to create a serverless Progressive Web App, using React, Redux, React Router on frontend and AWS Lambda, Cloudfront, Amazon SES, API Gateway for a zero maintenance required backend.

First part

We are going to create a minimal Progressive Web App. We are going to create a GitHub organization or repository that will host it. The goal is to visit your website from a mobile phone and see the “Add it to your Home” prompt.

Topics covered

LightHouse and PWA requirements:

  • Create your brand
  • The app shell
  • Service Workers and Cache API
  • The manifest.json


  • A GitHub account and your favourite editor

Second part

We are going to create a React app with React Router and Redux. The app will be hosted on AWS using serverless architecture. We will setup an API, in particular for user registration/login via email.
Both client and server code will be written in TypeScript.

Topics covered

  • React & TypeScript boilerplate
  • AWS Lambda using no framework (just aws-cli and npm scripts)
  • S3 and Cloudfront
  • Route53 and SSL certificates setup
  • API Gateway
  • Cloudwatch an monitoring
  • Last but not least: The routing trick!


  • Node.js
  • Optional but recommended: an AWS account and a domain name (possibly a dot com)

React AWS PWA serverless

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