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Ingrid Epure

Ingrid Epure

Software Engineer @ Intercom

Ingrid wants to make the world simpler, one production system at a time. She talks and cares deeply about demystifying the tech culture, and wants to make it more accessible and open. She is a DublinJs co-organizer and a mentor for women in tech communities. It's not entirely clear if she's really a unicorn whisperer or a vampire, but mentioning them makes bio's less awkward.

Hello from the other side

Getting code into production can have consequences beyond just making your customers happy. It can wake people up in the middle of the night, bring down the datastores, be a cost nightmare, and remind you ‘imposter syndrome’ is a real thing. But more importantly, it can break trust , create frustrations, and burn people out.

So what happens when a full-stack engineer joins an operational team and goes to war with operational risks? Are there more skills to be gained besides cool war stories and scars after each incident?


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