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Irina Scurtu
.NET API Backend

Irina Scurtu

Design Lead, at Endava

Software Architect, MCT and CompTIA Trainer, always in a quest for latest trends and best practices in the .NET world.

Deep Dive in Asp Core

If you heard about all the fuss around .Net Core but you didn’t use it on a project, or you think you didn’t squeeze everything out of the platform, then this workshop is for you.

In this workshop you’ll learn about the latest improvements in 2.2 version and how to build APIs using them, as well as the upcoming changes in 3.0

Familiarity with .Net and C#

Topics covered:

  • Storing secrets in development and production
  • Configuration options
  • Middlewares
  • Logging
  • Input Formatters, Output Formatters
  • Custom Media types
  • Managing data using Entity Framework Core
  • Running background tasks in your application
  • HttpClientFactory
  • Hosting Options
  • HSTS, CSP, HPKP, Switching to HTTP/2, HealthChecks
  • TagHelpers
  • ViewComponents

Requirements to attend the workshop:

  • Visual Studio
  • .NET Core SDK 2.2 or later
  • .NET Backend API

Forget about HTTP requests

Microservices should be autonomous and independent, but what happens when your business domain doesn’t allow it, and you need to get data from other microservices? You’ll soon realize that simple HTTP calls are not enough anymore, or that your app is more brittle than ever and then you switch to messaging. With messaging you need to have a different mindset and be willing to embrace new challenges.

Micro Services Queues NOHTTP ASP.NET