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Ivana Milicic
Perception UX Product

Ivana Milicic

Digital Product Designer @ CLARA analytics

Ivana is a product designer with a great passion for creating experiences users will love. Powered with endless energy, always curious and eager to learn something new. She finds daily inspiration and motivation in challenges, problem-solving, and making users happy.

After graduating in product design, she started a career in the publishing industry. Soon after, she founded a small design studio and worked on numerous print and digital projects for all types of clients. Some time down the career path, she fell in love with designing for digital and interactions and it seems like that passion is here to stay.

She currently works as a remote product designer for CLARA analytics via Toptal. When not designing Ivana is managing her design studio projects, teaching Visual Design Communication and Multimedia Publishing at the university, volunteering, traveling, and playing with her kids.

Attractive Things Work Better

As human beings, we enjoy beautiful and attractive things. But we also have a notion they work better since our emotional system has a significant impact on how our cognitive system operates. What as designers can we do to use that fact on our behalf and improve user experiences?

In this workshops, I'll show how emotions impact product success, why is essential for product team members to know how human visual perception works and why details matter. I'll walk you through series of screen examples by which we will see how humans perceive objects and ways in which we can apply that knowledge for designing better user interfaces.

Please have with you one of the following installed together with the basic knowledge of Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma or InVision Studio, something for sketching and making notes, passion for learning

UX Culture