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Ivo Neskovic

A really passionate dev, dabbling in engineering since my early ages. After getting both my BSc and my MSc I immediately jumped into enterprise applications development, focusing on the full stack, from the back end to the front end. Throughout the years my focus shifted more towards the back end but also I was one of the early adopters of Android, working on it since the 1.4 days :) Somewhere during that journey I decided to read for a PhD and along the same time I shifted my professional career in gaming, especially mobile gaming and been working with Unity3D ever since.

Android - From Zero to Hero

The workshop deals with the design and implementation of applications for mobile devices using the Android operating system. Participants work at all stages of the development life-cycle from inception to deployment, whilst considering usability and device capabilities for a mobile application capable of meeting a functional specification. Participants are introduced to the programming environment for application development and have a hands-on approach to programming using the appropriate programming languages.