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Karina Popova

Karina is a DevOps/System Software Engineer at whatever mobile incl. international professional interactions with representatives of government institutions & agile companies.

SIM based connectivity solution for IoT

Mobile connectivity is becoming more and more a key success factor for many IoT projects.
But if mobile connectivity is bound to a single network you simply won’t always have the quality of network coverage that you need.
Therefore, whatever mobile offers the "wherever SIM". The IoT/M2M SIM card dynamically switches to the strongest network – integrating 400+ radio networks in 160+ countries all around the world.

SIM cards and endpoints can be easily managed in real-time via the intuitive user-interface web-service or directly from the customer’s software application via an easy-to-integrate API.
The set of advanced security and development features for our web-service will be discussed.

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