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Katerina Trajchevska
SOLID PHP7 Design Principles

Katerina Trajchevska

Backend Consultant & Remote Work Advocate. Co-founder and CEO of Adeva.

Katerina is an entrepreneur and software engineer. Professionally, her passion is in the backend: developing for scalability and extensibility, with a focus on design patterns and reusable code. At Adeva, she has the opportunity to collaborate with world-class startups and enterprises where she puts that passion into practice. Leading a tech startup gives Katerina the chance to work with a passionate team, follow the latest trends in tech and innovate.

The collaboration with various organizations worldwide has brought her valuable insights in many industries and helped her master the art of remote working. That experience has helped grow Adeva in an organization trusted by Inc 5000 companies, recognized in the local tech community as a place with a culture of sharing, care, and collaboration.

On both personal and professional level, Katerina stands for equality, inclusion, and giving back to the community. She actively takes part of initiatives for women in tech, contributes to the local tech community, and volunteers as a mentor in different programs and initiatives.

From good to SOLID: how to become a better PHP developer?

PHP is undervalued in the world of web development. Yet, with the rise of PHP7, modern frameworks, and design principles, PHP has grown far beyond the basic scripting language it started as. In this presentation, we'll focus on what distinguishes a good PHP developer from a strong one. We'll learn how we can become better developers and make use of the SOLID design principles to deliver scalable and extendable solutions.

Prerequisites: good understanding of Object Oriented Programming and PHP; working environment with MySQL, PHP and Apache; text editor or IDE of your choosing;