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Kuba Waliński

Kuba has 7+ year career as an ASP.NET/C# developer but now he's doing his best to earn the title of a JS Ninja.

Getting started with Meteor

The world of JavaScript Frameworks is constantly evolving. It seems that almost every month there is a brand new thing that will revolutionise web development. However, having a closer look you don’t really see much revolutionary stuff in those new frameworks - they are usually just a small step forward from the previous thing.

At least that’s how I felt in the past few years of doing JavaScript. Until I discovered Meteor, that is. It was enough to complete the getting started tutorial to realise that I’m dealing with a potential game-changer. First imagine that all communications happen via web sockets (way faster than REST API calls over HTTP). Then realise that you have a full blown MongoDB implementation accessible on the client side. Finally, remember that from now on you just need one programming language - JavaScript - to implement the whole application - from the client-side through to the back-end and all the way down to the database.

In this talk you will see all this goodness brought together in one great package that is called Meteor.