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Lauren Robinson
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Lauren Robinson

Backend Developer @ Trivago

Lauren Robinson is a Backend Developer from Kingston, Jamaica, who works mainly with PHP, JavaScript and other web technologies. She is known for being vibrant and full of energy (kind of like that pink bunny that keeps going and going) and is extremely passionate about continuously learning new things and enhancing her skill set. While writing code, you will find her rocking out to some awesome tunes and dancing. Super friendly and eager to help whenever she can, she enjoys being open and sharing any knowledge or experience she has gained while developing. Being a Jamaican makes her a natural raconteur, giving her the ability to bring any story to life. She loves cats, ice-cream and of late, Amigurumi crocheting.

Code Reviews Gone Wild

Making code review sessions a part of your team's development process has many benefits - increased code quality, fewer bugs and errors at production, skill improvement and greater knowledge exchange. Many of us have the view that a code review is a purely technical activity, with its main goal being to find faults with the person requesting the view's implementation of a particular solution. But a code review involves so much more than that. There are social and cultural implications to consider once you are involved in a code review that can be seen in the way we communicate throughout the process of a review. What, how and when we say things can directly determine the success or failure of a code review and prevent us from reaping the benefits that code reviews provide. Forgetting the non-technical side of code reviews can cause them to spiral out of control, giving them the power to even destroy relationships within teams!

There are many techniques that can be used to save code reviews and even prevent this from happening in the first place. This hands-on workshop will give you practical tips on how to make constructive code reviews while avoiding common pitfalls throughout the process.

  1. Communication (Social stuff)
  2. The Anatomy of Code Reviews (Ooooo Anatomy…so fancy)
  3. Writing reviewable code (What code can't be reviewed?)
  4. The Code Review Process (Sigh…why does everything have to be a process?)
  5. Dealing with difficult reviews (Help! Abort! ABORT!)
  6. And a whole lot more!

Be prepared to actually review some pull requests in this workshop =D

Code Reviews Culture