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Marisa Morby

Marisa Morby has a background in User Experience copywriting, and marketing. She specializes in digital optimization, user research, and user experience flow for web and mobile applications.
She's worked with clients to create a more personal approach to marketing, used data to optimize businesses, and helped her clients connect with customers on a human level.
When she's not writing or reading about psychology, she can be found in the wild doing all sorts of things like eating her way around the world, perfecting a chocolate chip cookie recipe, or sitting in the park doing some serious people watching.

What Big Data is Missing: Remembering Our Humanity

What makes people buy something online? Is it the color of a button, the words in the headline, or eye-catching design? Big data tells us that if we get the right combination of these things, we'll see a huge uptick in sales. But what it doesn't account for is the individual. Because each person that clicks "buy" has a much larger story to tell.

What You'll Learn:
  • A framework for asking better questions during interviews that highlight the deeper personal motivations that influence purchasing decisions.
  • Strategies for analyzing and finding patterns in the data that show you what people want — even if they don't realize it yet.
  • A checklist for identifying the gaps in your marketing — and how to fill them.
  • Techniques for interviewing customers that will get them to tell you the words they want to hear in your marketing.

Discover how iterative testing will help you create a winning design, every time

Participants will learn how to successfully test and iterate their prototypes so they get the right design before going live. In this workshop, you'll create a design concept, validate it with real data (not guesswork or gut feelings) and walk away with a design you can feel confident will succeed. All without spending a single dollar on design or development.

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