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Orhan Celik
AI ML Python Azure

Orhan Celik

Cloud Solution Architect

Orhan is helping companies and organizations to use the power of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies. He has more than 20 years of professional experience, and he helped clients across the globe on Customer Behavior Analytics and Financial Data Analytics projects, working closely with IT, BI, Data Science and Marketing teams.

Data Science is not Rocket Science: Creating Machine Learning Models with Python on Azure

Artificial Intelligence is being used from the search engines to movie &product recommendations, or from credit scoring to social media news feeds. Many companies want to utilize AI and many cases this means developing custom ML models for their specific use cases.

In this workshop you will learn and practice building customer ML models and operationalizing them. We will start with basic data science concepts, and will learn how to build advance analytics models with machine learning algorithms for predicting values and outcomes on various use cases. These use cases can be on predicting how much a taxi ride will cost considering start & end locations and time of the day: using historical data on similar rides. Another use case can be identifying the number shown in an image from a hand-writing.


  • Interest in data science.
  • Familiarity with a programming language would be good.
  • Python language knowledge would be very useful, though not a pre-requisite.

Data Science concepts:

  • Predictions, Regression vs Classification
  • Prediction 101: How we could predict value of a diamond using its carat, prediction error concept, linear regression
  • Building a model for predicting continuous variables, such as predicting a taxi fare
  • Building a model for classification, such as predicting which number is shown in an image
  • Operationalizing a model for real-time scoring: for real time predictions

AI ML Python Azure