DEVit 2017 is already in the making. We are making a big shift this year and we are more than excited to share all the details with you! So let’s dive in, what will we see this year.

##Mega Speakers

This year we are thrilled to bring speakers from all over the world! You see, the budget can set some boundaries for events, but as the conference grows so do budgets. Thus, in 2017 we will bring multiple, speakers from all over the world and of course the US. Expect the best.

##Single Track

Having tested the 2-track main event format in the previous years we gained a good understanding of how it flows. The thing is that speakers were antagonizing while many attendees couldn’t choose between two talks happening the same time (damn you paradox of choice). This is not what we want. This year we switch to a single track. We want a frontend dev to watch a backend speaker and vice versa. This is what being 360 is really about and what the intention of the conference is. To cross-pollinate from different expertise and experience.

##Two-day conference

Moving on, Workshops! Yes, we became a two-day conference but there is an important detail here. The second day is fully dedicated and committed to providing the best workshop experience. Last year’s workshops were an experiment and you provided us with a lot of feedback. This year they will be full hands-on experience and there will be a variety of all-day workshops down to one-hour ones, where you will dive into hot topics. In other words, we will have a lot and amazing workshops for you to choose from!

##DEVit week

We covered most of the info about the event. DEVit weekend will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Now let’s talk about DEVit week. If you have never visited Thessaloniki you should know that there is a vibrant community over here full of energy and creativity, running meetups, events, and conferences(pun intended)! DEVit week will be full of these festivities organized by this amazing community. The only left to say is “get ready to feel the vibe”.

Written on October 15, 2016, by Amalia