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Each year we meticulously vet and select remarkable speakers to deliver the best talks on web development.

DEVit is the leading web developer conference in South East Europe. Organized once per year, DEVit has become known for its top speaking talent, a mixture of world-class and world-renowned developers, highly specialized tech- nology niches and developers who are the edge of the technology frontiers.

The attendees of the conference are the most highly trained and most motivated web developers, representing the cream of the crop in talent South East Europe has to offer. DEVit, now in its third year, has become the defacto meeting point of all seasoned web development professionals.

Whether it's Frontend, UI/UX, Backend, DevOps or Mobile that you care about, join us to learn about the most modern practices and techniques.

A truly 360° conference!

Sponsor Packages

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Mention by our Master of Ceremonies at start and end of event
Permanent logo placement on the talks published on youtube (intro and outro)
Logo placement and link on DEVit’s official website
Logo placement on DEVit print material wherever possible
Company profile presentation through our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter
Rollup banner in Stage, tier:   3 2 1
Rollup banner in Workshops of your choosing, tier:   3 2 1
Booth Tables   1 2 3
Booth banner type   Rollup Major Mega
Free placement on DEVit giftbag1  
Interview from DEVit staff, the final clip of the interview will be published on DEVit’s official YouTube channel “DEVit Conference”  
Free promotional video during talk switch      
Promotional talk on main event (1 slot available)      
Free sponsored workshop      
Complimentary Tickets 2 3 4 10
Normal ticket discount in addition to the complimentary pack 20% 20% 20% 20%
  1. Gift bag will only be available if a sponsor uptakes the add-on cost.

Addon Packages

Any sponsor may optionally use any of the following addon packages


Because of DEVit’s 2017 main event format with 1 track, there will be available slots to play a promotional video between speakers switching back to back with each other without a break. That essentially means that all attendees will be at their seats and your promotional video will get maximum impact in terms of audience reachout.


T-shirts are the item that attendees hold onto for longer periods of time from a conference. This unique opportunity will allow you to exclusively position your branding on the official DEVit’s t-shirt all attendees will get.


You have the ability to host your own sponsored session that a speaker of your choosing will have to deliver. The subject of the workshop needs to be within the scope of the conference and for its own success it has to be something that will appeal to the audience.

Gift Bag

In DEVit 2017 you will be able to sponsor the whole gift bag itself, providing you exclusive rights to position your logo and branding on the gift bag that will be handed to every attendee.


Please be advised of the following deadlines

  • 20 Mar 2017 Workshop and Speaker slot sponsoring
  • 24 Feb 2017 DEVit's Poster will close
  • 21 Apr 2017 DEVit’s badges, marketing collateral and major print works

Information and Contact


Amalia Vradi, co-organizer

[email protected]

Contact Amalia