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What is DEVit?

Every year we are setting the bar higher and deliver a world-class conference on web development.

DEVit started in 2015 and it takes place every year in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is known for its top speaking talent, a mixture of world-class and world-renowned developers, highly specialized technology niches and developers who are on the edge of technology frontiers.

The attendees of the conference are mostly highly trained and motivated web developers, representing the cream of the crop in talent South East Europe has to offer. DEVit, now in its fourth year, has become the defacto meeting point of all seasoned web development professionals.

Whether it’s Frontend, UI/UX, Backend, DevOps or Mobile that you care about, join us to learn about the most modern practices and techniques.

DEVit is a non-profit conference organized by volunteers. All proceeds are used to bringing top-tier speakers and organizing advanced workshops on all trending web technologies.


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Meet the squad

DEVit is a collective effort of a number of people, professionals and students, technical and not.

Our volunteers

Without them, DEVit would never have happened. A big thank you to all people that offer their time, their knowledge and their energy to help organizing and run DEVit. In alphabetical order:

Altiparmaki Vasiliki, Antoniou Orfeas, Angelakidou Sofi, Anastasiou Konstantinos, Bariotis Kostas, Bolari Aggeliki, Economidou Christina, Economou John, Feneris Ioannis, Kakoulidis Adonis, Karampinis Vaios, Keloglou Theodore, Kostopoulos George, Kourtzanidis Stratos, Margaritis Konstantinos, Natsios Alex-P., Ntempos Dimitri, Pavlidou Kiki, Perhanidis Christos, Peristerianou Konstantina, Polychronakis Thanasis, Ralli Jenny, Rigopoulos George, Theodoridis Thanos, Tryfou Margarita, Tsiamanta Georgia, Zafeiropoulos Sakis, Zaras Dimitris, Zinas Nikos, Zouros-Elenidis George

And even a bigger thanks to our past volunteers! In alphabetical order:

Chatsatrian Annie, Cotin Simona, Founta Antigoni, Kaffes Modestos, Karras Stelios Joseph, Mallini Nelly, Oikonomou Andreas, Papadimitriou Angeliki, Papadopoulos Aristotelis, Papapetrou Patroklos, Poulakas Ioannis, Solari Anastasia, Spyropoulos Alexandros, Tsompanis Athanasios, Tzibonis Nikos, Vradi Amalia

Our partners

We are lucky to have partnered with a lot of organizations across Thessaloniki. We want to thank them for helping us with DEVit every year.

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