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Amit Zur
Atomic Design React Javascript

Amit Zur

Frontend consultant, developer & designer @ Happy Code

Amit has been developing for the web since the early days, and the passion for clean and happy code and design sticks with him to this day. These days he's helping companies scale their UI development process, from the design stage all the way to deployment, through advocating for design systems.

He organizes Goodness Squad, a monthly hacking event for developers to contribute to OSS, and takes part in the organization of Reversim Summit, the largest conference for developers in Israel. He's also a Mozilla Tech Speaker, active in the Mozilla community and a contributor to Firefox devtools.Also, worth noting he rides a motorcycle and enjoys Origami.

Reliving the ‘80s with Borland Turbo-C: A test case for Atomic Design

Anyone who got to write C in the 90's on MS-DOS knows this blue screen - not the blue screen of death, the blue screen of Borland Turbo C/C++/Pascal. 30 years after its birth, we are going to implement it using React, MobX and Node.js.

I will show you how to implement a design language and think in atomic design, as well as best practices for managing state and componentization. By the end of this talk you’ll have the tools to create and maintain a scalable UI codebase, spiced with the sweet taste of nostalgia.

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