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Danielle Reid
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Danielle Reid

Lead Director of Design @ Toptal

Danielle Reid is a designer and entrepreneur, currently working as the Lead Director of Design at Toptal. At Toptal, Danielle helps world-class designers from all over the world work with top-tier clients such as Airbnb, Hewlett Packard and Zendesk. She previously co-founded Capsule.fm, number one selling iOS news App in over 25 countries, which uses Natural Language Processing and Text-to-Speech to turn online content and your social media updates into a personalised, live audio stream.

Danielle is a contributing author for Springer Reference's Handbook of Mobile Teaching and Learning (2016). She also actively mentors design students and startups, as well as facilitates UX Design workshops. In her free time, she is a big fan of photography and sells images via EyeEmxGettyImages.

The World is our Interface

This workshop offers a hands-on exploratory playground where we rapidly prototype what we think will be the next evolution in human interaction with technology. It starts with a discussion about the history of interfaces and human communication and follows with selected examples of how to design post-screen, drawing some specific cases from Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The workshop will be fun and interactive, so bring your imagination and use the world around you. At the end of the workshop, you should be able to walk away with a low fidelity prototype of your choice.

Please have with you, ideally, some kind of device and a selected prototyping tool of choice (Marvel, InVision, POP etc.)

UX Design