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Forbes Lindesay

Open source JavaScript developer and Software Engineer at Facebook. Maintainer of pug (formerly jade), cabbie.js, browserify-middleware, bicycle.js, open source enthusiast and fan of all things React.

Bulletproffing React Apps (jest, web drivers, flow)

Building a front end application for the web can feel like a constant battle against bugs. Every time you add a feature, something else breaks. Fortunately, there are lots of tools available now that can help you track down bugs, and make sure that once you've fixed them, they don't re-surface.

Server side rendering in React

It can be really difficult to make sure your web app works on every device and every browser. One simple way to ensure great cross platform support is to make your site work even when JavaScript is not enabled.

In this talk I will cover some of the tips and tricks to successfully render a React application on the server side. I’ll also talk about when you should and when you shouldn’t render on the server.

Back end ReactJS Progressive Enhancement

GitHub Automation

GitHub has one of the best REST APIs you'll ever see. Pretty much any task in GitHub can be automated. Tired of updating code after a feature gets deprecated? Write a bot for that. Need to add the repository field to all your package.json files? Script it. You can even use GitHub as the backend for an entire application to take advantage of its built in collaboration features. This talk will take you through how to write you own GitHub automation code in JavaScript and give you some ideas on how to use your new-found powers for good.