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Pawel Dudek
iOS Mobile

Pawel Dudek

iOS developer with over 9 years of experience

Paweł started tinkering with iOS in 2008 and since then he has built numerous apps for both business and consumer markets. Currently leading Mobile Team at Toptal where he helps out build mobile future of the company. He is driven by the passion to share knowledge. Because of that, apart from working as a software developer, he is the organiser of local mobile developers community called Mobile Warsaw and co-founder of Mobile Academy - a company providing advanced workshops for iOS developers.

Apart from programming Pawel is a freshly baked father. He enjoys third wave style coffee and a good craft cocktail in the evening.

Behavior Driven Development

Building software systems is hard. But preserving existing functionality when adding new one is even harder. In this talk you'll learn how you can avoid breaking existing code by leveraging behavior driven development. This talk is aimed at iOS developers, however first part is applicable to any development platform.

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