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Soledad Penades

Devevangineer at Mozilla. Building real time audio+graphics experiments with JavaScript; breaking half the browsers in the process. It's fun!

Real time front-end alchemy, or: capturing, playing, altering and encoding video and audio streams, without servers or plugins!

As new features are added to the Web platform, the kind of experiences we can build become amazingly interactive and immersive--a huge leap forward from the static document based web of yore!

Nowadays we can access webcams and play 3D audio and graphics, all in real time and in the browser, but there was a missing piece: capturing and encoding! Most solutions involved either sending data to servers or porting C++ encoders to JavaScript, none of which were particularly efficient or desirable for privacy or performance reasons.

Thankfully there is a better way: the new and shiny MediaCapture API, and in this talk you will learn all about it. Streams will be no strangers to you anymore, and you might even be tempted to cross a few of them---just for fun!

Video Encoding Front end